Human Development Center Diversifies Cook County Services

November 10, 2017

Human Development Center Diversifies Cook County Services

Cook County, MN – November 10, 2017

The Human Development Center (HDC) has been providing services for over 22 years in Cook County, MN and is diversifying those services to better meet community needs.

HDC’s Cook County office is now offering services from three licensed psychotherapists, each with their own specialties and programs, to keep up with the unique needs of the Grand Marais community: Dr. Matthew Webb, PsyD LP; Shana Roberts, MSW LGSW; and Cecilia Bloomquist, MSW LICSW.

Dr. Webb and Ms. Roberts specialize in trauma treatment and treat adults and children. Cecilia Bloomquist, Program Manager, has expertise in young childhood services. Ms. Bloomquist provides mental health consultation for local day cares and interventions for children ages birth to five years old. HDC Medical Director Dr. Steve Bauer, MD and board certified psychiatrist, continues providing psychiatry services for Cook County clients and consultations with area physicians. Ms. Ellison offers Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to Cook County clients via telemedicine. Skill services for youth continue to be offered.

Additionally, HDC has added two new employees to their team: Mandy Podlewski who will provide skills and outreach services for adults and Dan Dupay who is providing skill services for children. To further serve its clients, HDC continues to recruit for three new positions: A CTSS/ARMHS worker, a part-time Employment Specialist, and an Office Manager.

To set up an appointment for Cook County services, please contact (218) 387-9444.

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