Children’s Programs

Adult & Child Case Management

Carlton, Lake and St. Louis Counties contract with HDC to provide case management services to adults and children with serious mental health issues. Case managers work closely with individuals and families to help them access needed supports and services to maximize independence, mental health, and community integration.

Available Locations: Carlton, Lake, St. Louis

Behavioral Health Home Services

A Behavioral Health Home (BHH) is an innovative, integrated healthcare service delivery model that is recovery-oriented, person and family centered. It allows for better individual experience and better outcomes than those achieved in traditional services. It is a healthcare service, not a physical home.

Our BHH Team collaborates with the individual and healthcare providers to develop an individualized plan of care. Coordination with behavioral health, primary care, family practice, pediatric, and all healthcare providers is key to the services in the Behavioral Health Home model.

BHH serves all ages.

Available Locations: Carlton, Cook, Lake, St. Louis

Children’s Therapeutic Services & Supports

CTSS is designed to help children under the age of 18 with mental health, emotional and/or behavioral issues. This service is based on the unique and changing needs of the child and is designed to improve the child’s functioning within the family and community. CTSS activities take place in the child’s home and the community and referrals for services come from County Social Services. CTSS is available in St. Louis and Carlton Counties.

Available Locations: Carlton, St. Louis, Lake, Cook

Early Childhood Mental Health Services

The social and emotional development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers is important. So are the relationships they have with their caregivers, therefore services for these young children focus on enhancing the connection between young children and their caregivers. HDC responded to the needs of our communities by developing services for young children, ages 0-5, and their families. Thanks to our dedicated staff and a grant from the MN Department of Human Services, we are able to take referrals for early childhood mental health services from pediatricians, ECSE, preschool social services, and parents themselves.

Available Locations: Carlton, Lake, St. Louis

Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating disorders are highly complex, bio-psychosocial problems which require specialized care for effective treatment. The Human Development Center’s Eating Disorders Treatment Program, led by Dr. Carolyn Phelps, provides expert specialized care to people of all ages suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating/Compulsive Overeating, regardless of gender. We provide help to females and males of all ages, who:

  • Self starve
  • Diet constantly
  • Purge, vomit, use laxatives or diet pills
  • Binge eat or eat compulsively
  • Over-exercise
  • Over-train
  • Have body image problems
  • Think obsessively or excessively about food, weight, shape and/or physical appearance
  • Are experiencing problems after bariatric surgery

We also address the special needs of eating disordered athletes, dancers, and patients with co-existing and co-complicating medical (e.g., diabetes) and psychological (e.g., depression, anxiety) problems.

The Eating Disorders Treatment Program offers the following services:

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Individual Outpatient Therapy
  • Intensive Outpatient Therapy
  • Family/Couples Therapy
  • Consultation
  • Psychological Evaluation for Bariatric Surgery
  • Training and Education

Confidential, expert, professional help is available by calling (218) 728-4491

Available Locations: St. Louis

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is a great opportunity for families with a young child whose behaviors are difficult to manage. In this treatment, families participate in weekly sessions that provide training for parents on how to manage their child’s behavior while improving their relationship with their child. PCIT is designed for parent(s) or caregiver(s) with a child who is 2-7 years old and has challenging behaviors.

PCIT has been successful with:

  • oppositional/defiant problems
  • aggressive behaviors
  • Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD)
  • severe temper tantrums
  • the impact of abuse/neglect
  • exposure to alcohol/drugs before birth

PCIT requires a 12-14 week commitment to an hour-long session per week

Available Locations: Lake, St. Louis


These services are provided at all HDC locations and include evaluations, treatment, and medication management of depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders. Our staff of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses are skilled in pharmacology for children and adults.

Services are offered at our offices as well as several contracted locations, to include juvenile centers, children’s residential treatment programs, and correctional facilities. Psychiatry also has services available via ITV to Cook County and other locations. Most major insurance plans are accepted; we also have a sliding fee scale for uninsured clients.

Current access is limited to clients receiving other service(s) at HDC.

Available Locations: Carlton, Cook, Douglas, Lake, St. Louis

Psychological Testing & Assessments

Services performed at HDC include psychological evaluations and assessments with children and adolescents (Cook County) and adults (St. Louis County and Cook County) by a licensed psychologist or under the direction of a licensed psychologist and may include assessments personality, behavior and /or intelligence testing. Psychological testing for those seeking Bariatric Surgery or other medical procedures requiring psychological evaluation are available in the St. Louis County office.

Available Locations: Cook, St. Louis


HDC offers therapy in individual, family and group settings. Some of the problems addressed by HDC’s therapists include depression, anxiety, grief, abuse, life stress, family and marital issues, pain management, eating disorders and anger management. Services are open to children, adolescents & adults. Most major insurance plans are accepted and sliding fee is available with eligibility requirements for uninsured clients. Psychotherapy is available in our Cloquet, Duluth, Grand Marais, Moose Lake, Superior, and Two Harbors offices.

Available Locations: Carlton, Cook, Douglas, Lake, St. Louis

School Based Services

HDC works cooperatively with most school districts in our services area to provide therapy/counseling at school sites, and at HDC clinic locations.. Referrals come from school personnel at each location.

Available Locations: St. LouisCarlton, Lake, Cook

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